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Why do I have indigestion after recovering from Hepatitis A?

Q: I am 22 years old male. I have never touched cigarettes or liquor all my life. I acquired acute viral A hepatitis infection earlier this year. Australia antigen was negative. My SGPT was 4000 at its peak. I was admitted to the hospital for 6 days then it came down to 1500. After 15 days it was 170. Normally an infection takes 1-2 months to recover completely. But my SGPT was 100 after 3 months. It was 80 and then suddenly it was 34 after 15 days. In my last test, it was 24 and I felt completely normal. But I am experiencing indigestion since then. I get acidity, burning sensation in the chest because of gas. I even did 2D ECHO for that, which was normal. I have mild gas problems from the past 6 months, which have reduced. But I keep wondering whether I am completely fit. Two USG were also done. First USG shows enlargement and 2nd USG abdomen after SGPT was 24; shows everything normal. Has the infection made any permanent damage to my liver? Why do I have acidity and gas problems although the liver function tests are normal? Is it OK to start Liv 52 again? Will it help my liver gain strength?

A:From your description it is clear that you have totally recovered from your recent Hepatitis A infection. The indigestion you are experiencing is very unlikely to be an aftermath of your recent hepatitis. However if it persists and does not respond to antacid tablets, I suggest an endoscopic examination of your stomach and the duodenum by an expert. A good proportion of people take a longer period to recover completely after hepatitis, but all you need is good healthy diet and exercise.


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