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Why do I have high microalbumin level?

Q: I am a 36 years old man having microalbumin level at 99.8 mcg/ml in my urine sample; creatinine is 199.97 mg/dl, UA/C ratio is at 49.91 ug/mg. My HbA1c is 4.6% and my average blood glucose level is 67.18 mg/dl. What could be the cause for such a high level of microalbumin? What course of action should be taken?

A:You do have increased leakage of protein (albumin) into urine, which is a sign of early kidney injury. Common causes include diabetes and hypertension. An evaluation by a nephrologist would help evaluate your kidneys further by undertaking some tests including urine analysis and 24-hour urine to quantify amount of protein leakage, and series of blood tests to rule out nephritis (characterised as inflammation of kidneys). Also make sure that your blood pressure is well controlled while avoiding kidney toxic medications like avoidance of daily continuous intake of common pain medications (Voveran, Nimulid and Motrin).


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