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Why do I have chest pain?

Q: I am a 46 years old woman having pain in my upper chest near left shoulder for the last week. I feel heaviness on the heart, anxiety and a feeling like getting faint. I got ECG done; the reports were normal. I have high blood pressure, difficulty in digestion and high cholesterol levels too. Though I have no medical history of heart attack. Please advise.

A:A pain, which is persisting continuously for many days, is unlikely to be a cardiac pain. You may have acidity and reflux problems due to indigestion. However, do the following: 1. Control of blood pressure with medication if necessary. Target blood pressure 130/80 mmHg or less. Lifestyle modifications including low salt, low fat diet. 2. An antacid and anti anxiety medication maybe prescribed by your doctor. 3. In view of high blood pressure and cholesterol, do a TMT (treadmill test) to check your exercise tolerance of the heart. 4. USG upper abdomen to check for gallstones/fatty liver.


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