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Why do I have a sudden loss of hearing?

Q: I am 31 years old and last week after I got up from bed, I realised a sudden hearing loss in my left ear (nearly 50% loss). My right ear is fine. I hear crackling sounds while watching TV or listen to the radio and even while talking to people. I am very depressed due to this. I met an ENT specialist who said that there is no wax in my ear. He put me on steroids (Prednisolone 10 mg tablets), I have to take 60 mg everyday, for the first five days and later I have to reduce it to 30 mg. I have been taking the tablets for two days, but there is no relief. The doctor has asked me to get a MRI brain/IAC with/without the radiology facility. I understand if it is SNHL, it has to be treated immediately within 14 days. Have I got the right prescription? Is it worth waiting for another two weeks to take a doctors appointment? Is this an emergency situation?

A:Yes, you do seem to have sudden sensory neural hearing loss. The treatment is steroids, along with stugeron, rest, antacids. The only thing is, that if there is no improvement with oral steroids, you may think of getting admitted and getting intravenous steroids, or even injection in the ear. Also, start rebreathing into a polythene bag (a rough form of carbogen therapy, and other vasodilators).


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