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Why do I have a pricking sensation at the surgery site?

Q: A few years ago I had an abscess on my thigh that took very long to heal so I had it removed by a surgeon. Now the area above it has become very sensitive and feels like pins and needles pricking at times. What is the cause for this and a remedy?

A:After any injury (injury meaning either the abscess or the surgery) tissues get damaged. Nerves also get damaged. When nerves heal, they set up unusual communications. Therefore a touch sensation, which should stimulate a touch nerve, may actually communicate with a pain nerve and result in a pain sensation. Your concern is: Will this go away? The answer is Probably. Most such problems resolve in 6 months, but it can take longer. I realise that your pins and needles sensations have been there for some years, but I don’t think you have an option other than to wait.


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