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Why do I have a poor appetite?

Q: I am a 65 years old woman having a poor appetite. If I try to eat even a little more than my usual I feel very heavy in the stomach and nauseous. What could it be? I am taking Folitrax 2.5mg, Eltroxin, Folvite for thyroid breast malignancy and polymyalgia rheumatica. Please advise.

A:Poor appetite and related symptoms of fullness are either related to your current medical conditions or to methotrexate (Folitrax) use.

You need to do the following and consult a gastroenterologist:

  1. Haemogram, LFT
  2. Stool routine and stool occult blood (x 3 samples)
  3. Ultrasound abdomen
  4. Upper GI endoscopy


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