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Why do I have a milky discharge along with urine?

Q: A milky substance comes out, when I urinate. It is worse in the early part of the day than at any other times. There is no odour or any pain. I have no other symptoms. My doctor asked me to undergo STI tests, urine tests, and a pap smear. Everything was normal. This began about three years ago, and is continuing still. My doctor seems unconcerned about this. She has treated me for bacterial vaginosis and for yeast infections. Still, nothing has changed. My sister has a similar problem and her doctor has tried everything, with no progress. Please advise.

A:There is a condition called Chyluria, which means that a person passes milky urine. The disease is cause by mosquitoes and it is generally filaria. This disease is more common in eastern UP and Bihar. It is not difficult to treat it. The diagnosis is done by chyle test of urine. The problem with your query is that it is not clear whether you are passing milky urine or passing something white from vagina. If it is from vagina, it may be a fungal infection, which is again easy to treat. You can confirm this by sending the material for test for candida.


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