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Why do I have a high SGPT?

Q: Recently I got a normal cold and fever, which did not vanish in 2 weeks. I consulted a doctor who prescribed Amoxycilline 500 mg for 7 days. The cold and fever was cured, but my cough has not gone till today. I gave my blood for testing and the reports said that total cholesterol was 5.6, LDL - 4, HDL - 1.7, triglyceride - 1.4, blood sugar was - 4.3. In the LFT, the alanine aminotransferase(SGPT) was found to be 103. Since morning, my heart beat has increased and I feel heavy in my chest. I experienced the same 2 years ago. Does my cough and today's development have any relation with the increase in SGPT? I do not use alcohol, do not smoke, but I chew betel leaves, which I have stopped recently. Will tobacco chewing affect me in anyway?

A:There are several causes of an increase in serum SGOT. The first step is to repeat the test after 3 months. If the level is still high, you will need further tests to find out the cause. These tests should be done under the supervision of a specialist such as a gastroenterologist or hepatologist. Chewing of tobacco has several harmful effects including increasing the risk of cancers of the mouth and tongue and I would strongly recommend against this practice.


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