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Why do I have a burning sensation in my penis?

Q: I am 23 years old suffering from a burning sensation in and around the penis for the last two years. I have been masturbating for quite some time now. What is the cause and treatment for this?

A:Your symptoms of burning around the organ may or may not be related to your old habit of masturbation. Masturbation indirectly may lead to such symptoms due to mechanical or chemical inflammation at glans and terminal urethra, and such symptoms should settle spontaneously. Unrelated causes could be inflammation around the outer opening of urethra (balanoposthitis), urine infection or inflammatory conditions of urethra and prostate (prostatourethritis). You need to see a urologist who would examine you and have your urine tested. If suggested by your examination or urine check-up, some imaging investigations may have to be planned subsequently to reach a diagnosis and treat your problem effectively.


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