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Why do I have a burning sensation in my legs?

Q: There is burning sensation in both my legs and feel some imbalance when I walk due to C4/C5 nerve root compression. I was operated last year and improvement is there but in the left leg, sometimes there is a burning sensation. There is also pain behind my head, I think the blood is not circulating in my nerves. Please help. I fell in the bathroom three years back.

A:Unfortunately the information given is inadequate and patchy. It does not even say what operation was done. As the C4/C5 root compression is mentioned so I presume the operation must be Laminectomy and removal of disc. The answer to the query is that if you think that blood is not flowing into the legs then you should get the test for that done and it is perfectly possible to rule out that to be the case. My personal impression is that is not the case, as it is not unusual for the improvement in the function of legs following laminectomy to take as long as eighteen months to two years. Ischaemic neuropathy does take a long time to recover. You should consult a neurologist and get prescription for this condition. This may ameliorate the symptoms till full recovery is achieved.


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