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Why do I have a boil in the pubic region?

Q: I am a 28 years old female. For the last few months, I have been getting a blister/boil/ pimple in my pubic region. This normally comes around the time of my period and goes away after a few days. Sometimes, it has pus inside it and its painful too. I noticed this for the first time after I waxed my pubic hair. I have done this only twice, but I have been getting the boil once every month. I had also tested for AIDS & syphilis, which came out negative. What could this be and what is the treatment?

A:This boil, or more correctly folliculitis, occurs quite commonly in areas where the hair are forcibly removed. It is the result of traction, leading on to inflammation, and bacterial infection. First thing is to avoid any method of hair removal; though clipping might be a suitable alternative. A topical antibiotic, like Mupirocin, will hasten the healing. But please continue to use the antibiotic cream at least for 6 weeks after your 'boil' has subsided. This will ensure that any remnant bacteria left on the skin surface on that area are not allowed to thrive. I am sure this will solve your problem. Sometimes, you may require an oral antibiotic. Please consult a doctor in person for advice on oral antibiotic.


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