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Why do I give out a white substance from my throat?

Q: I am a 49 years old man having high blood pressure i.e. 140/100 mmHg. My post prandial (PP) blood sugar level is 20 points above the normal range, but the fasting sugar level is 20 points less than the normal. Nowadays I get a small very soft white material of pepper size from my throat inner wall. It stays for 2-3 days and then vanishes. It occurs mainly when I cough or sneeze. There is no pain. After the material comes out, it leaves a cavity there. Please clarify about this problem. What is it and how can it be treated?

A:The condition is called keratosis pharyngis and it is benign - no treatment is required. The epithelial debris collects in the tonsillar crypts and these are natural cavities and not harmful. Some cases have recurrent throat infections and tonsillectomy helps. If you are a smoker, give up smoking. Massage with boro-glycerine paint after brushing your teeth can help.


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