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Why do I get yellowish discharge from the penis?

Q: I am a 28 years old man and for the last 2 months whenever I urinate a whitish sticky liquid substance leaks out of my penis (yellow colour like pus) and has bad smell. But I am pretty sure that it's not coming from the urinary tract, it is coming from the tip of the penis. I don't have any pain. But I get little burning sensation when I have wet dreams. I had urinary tract infection 4 months back, after medication I don't have any pain while urinating. The CT scan is fine. Please advise.

A:While some sticky discharge from meatus after any sexual stimulation is common, yellowish discharge per urethra with some irritation as in your case may also indicate urethritis. A history of contact would have significance if there is a suspicion of sexually transmitted disease. Examination and pathological examination of a urethral swab alone with some serological tests may be recommended in this setting. You must see a urologist for further advice.


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