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Why do I get recurrent sore throat and colds?

Q: Why do I get a sore throat and cold so frequently? I am 33 years old and have undergone sinus treatment twice but am still unable to get rid of this problem. I have migraine too. For sore throat I take Roxithromycin (Roxid 150) and for Cold I use Cefediel 300 or Kefnir or Alerid D. Is there a way to get rid of the sore throat and cold? I have stopped drinking cold water too. Please advise.

A:Recurrent sore throat due to cold water, common cold, food is generally due to allergy. The inflammation caused by allergy leads to further bacterial infection. The fact that it improves after taking an antibiotic means there is bacterial infection also. So the first step would be to stop all irritants, which produce this inflammation. If the sore throat recurs in spite of these precautions and anti-allergic treatment, then you need to have your tonsils removed.


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