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Why do I get pain and swelling in my testis while walking?

Q: I am 27 years old and unmarried. I get pain in my right testis. I underwent all the tests like x-ray, semen test and even scanned my testis. Doctor said that I have varicose veins. He said that sperm count is OK and gave me vitamin E tablets. He said that there are no other medicines for this. But I get pain inside my testis and I cannot walk properly. Will this affect my sexual life? Please give me all the details and treatment for this problem.

A:Going through the query it appears to me that the patient is having varicocele rather than varicose veins. The condition is not uncommon and results in the aches and heavy feeling in the respective testicle and side of scrotum. It does not normally cause sexual problems. There is higher incidence of oligospermia (poor sperm count) but not impotence. The treatment of the condition is surgery, which can be done either open or by minimally invasive (laparoscopically). In case the patient has problems with the sterility following surgery of varicocele and is due to oligospermia and not azoospermia then modern techniques of assisted reproductive means can be employed and pregnancy achieved. If there is azoospermia then of course nothing can be done.


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