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Why do I get knee pain after ejaculation?

Q: I am a 20-year-old bodybuilder. My knee joints hurt usually after I ejaculate. Why is that so? I hear strange cracking noises when I squat. Does ejaculating a lot affect knee joint lubrication? Do heavy weights affect squatting? What can I do to make these sounds and pain go away? Should I limit my masturbation to a month or week? Should I take any joint supplements, even though the doctor has told me that I am too young for Glucosamine? I do need to use heavy weights when training my legs. Please advise.

A:The only probable connection between your ejaculation and knee pains might be that the strong muscular contractions of ejaculation can cause some musculoskeletal pains. There is NO other connection. They are totally separate and unconnected bodily systems. Please consult a sports medicine / orthopaedic specialist for further help on the knee.


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