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Why do I get frequent colds and a running nose?

Q: I have frequent attacks of cold and running nose with a lot of phlegm. The air draft from a fan aggravates. Cold weather or cold places also aggravate resulting in the blockage of nose. Most of the nights in winter I sleep in the reclined position since lying flat with the face up completely blocks the nose. I took allergy test and found that I am allergic for most of the food items - such as all citrus fruits, roots, several vegetables, milk products and it is not possible to have a food without them and hence I am living with the problem. I have been taking one tablet of rhinostat when the situation is unbearable. It relieves within a couple of hours and I will be free from it for a few days. Cetrizine has not helped me as much as rhinostat. I have not tried anything else. Recently some one told that I should not use rhinostat frequently. I have had a heart attack in the year 1992 and ever since I am on the drugs such as angizem, isosorbide monotrate one tablet each per day. Is it harmful for me to take rhinostat? If so is there any other suitable anti-histamine to tide over the problem?

A:All people have increased congestion in the nose following cold air or even sleeping under a fan. Some people react as vigorously as you and some people very lightly. This is not necessarily an allergy, hence the reason why you don't respond to anti-allergics. The reason for developing congestion is an exaggerated response to external stimuli like cold air, cold temperature, dust etc. You should try measures like steam inhalation and avoid exposure to cold temperature. The cardiac medicines mentioned by you also have some action where they increase the congestion in the nose. Take a decongestant but always under guidance from your ENT surgeon.


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