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Why do I get fainting sensation while working out?

Q: I am 38 years old. I am 5 feet 3 inches tall and I weigh 73 kg. For the last 20 days, I am on a low carbohydrate, low fat and high protein diet. I do extensive workouts everyday for 3.5 hours. I have lost 2.5 kg in 20 days. During the strenuous workout I get a fainting sensation and perspire a lot. Can I take oral glucose during my workouts? Will taking glucose during workouts inhibit lipolysis, resulting in decreased weight loss? I have a problem of water retention during pre-ovulation and pre-menstrual days. What can I do about it?

A:Dear lady, 3 and a half hours of a workout are just too much! No wonder you feel faint and tired. Please do a more moderate workout so that you can fit it into your lifestyle and sustain it over a period of time. Be prudent so that you also reduce the risk of injury. The rule of thumb to follow is not more than 1 hour of cardio work and not more than 45-1 hour of resistance/strength workout. That too should ideally be split during the day, say morning and evening, and not do it all at once. If you do that you may not need the glucose or any other energy drink. Eat well, especially if you are working out so much. Carbohydrates like those found in fruits, vegetables and whole grains are necessary fuel for the body. Keep the calories low and you will be fitter, which should be your goal rather than just being thinner! For your water retention, you could see a good gynaecologist who may be able to prescribe some vitamins.


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