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Why do I get chest pain after a MVR surgery?

Q: I underwent mitral valve replacement (MVR) surgery a few months ago. I get slight pain all over my chest. I am still using the medicines as per the prescription of the doctor. I am working in UAE. The pain in the chest is only simple and lasts for a few seconds only. The doctor says its normal. Please advise.

A:In a mitral valve replacement surgery, chest is opened through the front after cutting the breast bone. Thereafter, we put wires around the breast bone so that the two broken segments unite over a period of 6-12 weeks. However, this union is never perfect and some degree of aches and pains, either from the bones or from surrounding muscles and ligaments may continue, for even up to 1-2 years. Moreover, after a valve replacement surgery, blood thinning tablets have to be taken and regular follow up is mandatory so that valve function and the level of blood thinning tablets can be monitored. I think you should visit your doctor and take his opinion as also get a 2D Echocardiography and INR level monitored.


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