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Why do I feel that something is stuck in my throat?

Q: I always feel as if something has got struck in my throat. A year ago I took medicine for malaria even though blood test was negative, then I got severe stomach ache for 3 days. While taking a tablet (trofil), I felt it got stuck in my throat which I still feel. After 3 months, no solid or liquid was going in into the stomach. I consulted a doctor who did some tests and advised to get admitted. After 2 days, I was ok. He even checked my oral cavity and did endoscopy which were normal. He prescribed anti-depressants (prothiadin 75 mg). If I leave those tablets I get a vomiting sensation. Kindly tell me what I should do?

A:When something gets stuck in the throat, the sensation often stays for a long time. I note that you have been investigated with blood tests as well as an endoscopy and that these tests have been normal. Therefore there cannot be anything very serious going on. The anti-depressants may help but you have to try and ignore the sensation and this may take over your life. There isn't any simple solution.


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