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Why do I feel pain in the testicles when passing urine?

Q: Sometimes, when I urinate I feel a strong pain below my testicles. I have been facing this problem occasionally since 2 years.

A:Pain below testicles at time of voiding urine may result from any inflammation or irritation of proximal urethra and the adjoining bladder area, known as trigone. Common causes are- a stone touching any of these areas (as terminal ureteric, bladder or prostatic urethral stone) and inflammation (both bacterial or non-bacterial) of these areas. Mild symptoms over two years may suggest prostatitis (most common diagnosis in such events, and having no consequence or bother for future) or some more serious inflammations like tuberculosis. Examination by a physician, urine examination and an ultrasound examination would put you on correct path for further investigations or treatment.


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