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Why do I feel like urinating after drinking anything?

Q: I am 52 years old got all my tests done and found that only cholesterol is slightly high and the haemoglobin was low. Why do I feel like urinating whenever I drink anything or if I go out for hours together, I have to come back home soon? Why is this happening?

A:You have presented with urgency and urinary frequency at the age of 52 years. It has been going on for 4 month. Acute presentation of this kind is usually a result of urinary tract infection. Persisting symptoms for 4 months makes it unlikely to be an acute infection, and your urine test has already been found to be within normal limits. Such symptoms are indicative of bladder over activity, which may be psychogenic or due to a pathology. We have all experienced psychogenic urgency during stress, like waiting for an interview call. Pathological reasons for urgency are chronic infections like tuberculosis, interstitial cystitis, neurogenic, and superficial bladder cancers like carcinoma in situ. Most of these conditions demand specific tests when suspected. You should also have yourself tested for diabetes with glucose tolerance test, as increase urine formation with early diabetes may present with only frequency and urgency.


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