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Why do I feel irritation on my penis after passing urine?

Q: I feel irritation on my penis after I pass urine and get back in the seat at work. Its like something is burning inside my penis. I feel very uncomfortable due to this. It does not bother me at night but in the daytime, the problem increases. Recently, I had a blood test done and found that my thyroid and uric acid levels were on the higher side. Let me know the possible reason for this?

A:In your problem we need to rule out some issues. 1. If your uric acid is high the first possibility, which goes through my mind, is that it could be a uric acid crystal irritating your urethra or even acidic urine on account of high uric acid could give these symptoms. The management would include establishing high uric acid levels through three consecutive serum level estimations. Estimating urinary pH or the osmolality to know how much acidic your urine is. An ultrasound of the urinary tract would help to rule out any obvious stone in the urinary system. However, you should know that the uric acid stones are not seen on X rays and are to be suspected in every patient with high uric acid levels, symptoms, presence of significant blood cells in the urine. The simple treatments before you see your urologist you could start is enhance your 24 hours fluid intake and alkalise your urine. 2. While your urologist will investigate you. He would be able to pick up other possible cause if any explaining your symptoms.


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