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Why do I feel giddy on the escalators?

Q: I am a 27 years old man. I get giddiness while using lift and escalators. A few days back, I started feeling nervous and dizzy and felt as if I had no control over my legs. I also felt as if I was losing control of my mind. There was fullness in ears about 4-5 times and then my mind became blank. I consulted a doctor who said that it is due to anxiety. It is getting worse day by day. I am taking Cilentra 10, Ciplar and Colontril. Please advise.

A:Symptoms of giddiness in people is sometimes due to neurologic problems which could be located in the ear. This is sometimes a CNS disease or a signal of ear disease or other times complication of cardiovascular disease. You may find relief by taking a beta blocker agent such as propranolol and vitamin supplementation. Most relief comes from anti-anxiety pills or antihistamines. Some people feel that niacin or Vitamin B6 are of value. Exercise and general behaviour conditions need to be appropriate such as avoiding jobs, which might be dangerous if conscious control is lost periodically. It is recognized that giddiness is both organic in some patients and need further studies but in many cases no specific cause is found. Psychological help or behaviour therapy may enable the patient to control or prevent their symptoms.


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