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Why do I feel drained out after being treated for Hepatitis E?

Q: I am a 28 years old male. When I returned from India this summer, I developed jaundice and on diagnosis, it was revealed that I had been infected with Hepatitis E. My ALT and AST levels were quiet high. It took three weeks until my blood tests were normal and the ultrasound reports were also normal. My doctors advised me to lead a normal life, which I followed. But now even after a month and a half after the infection, I feel tired and drained out at times. Also I am a marathon runner and maintain good level of fitness with regular muscle and cardio training. Even now I go for running (10-15 km) but then I feel weak and require time to get back my energy levels. Along with this I also feel bloated. My doctor says it's normal to experience these symptoms, which will go away on their own, and there is no cause of worry. Could you please advise?

A:Any virus infection, more so with Hepatitis viruses tend cause a period of morbidity depending on the severity of infection and the period taken to recover. One of the more important symptoms of hepatitis is weight loss, as lack of appetite is a constant feature of the infection. So much so there is associated weight loss. During the recovery phase I suggest that you should take things steadily and introduce physical exercise gradually with a well balanced diet and get to your normal phase in the course of next few months.


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