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Why do I feel dizzy after eating oily and sugary food?

Q: I am a 33 years old woman feeling dizziness or vertigo after eating sugar containing or oily foods for the last 3 months. I get dark vision and my head spins so I go to bed to sleep then my tongue spins too. I got a blood test done, which showed normal blood sugar levels but the cholesterol was 240 mg/dl. The doctor prescribed Tesval and Histasafe, but that gave no relief. Now I am not taking any sugar or oily food. The doctor then asked for a CRT scan of my head. The result was normal. What is the problem with me? Please advise.

A:You need to see a neurologist to rule out a rare disorder called hypokalaemic periodic paralysis. In this disorder, intake of starchy food can cause transient weakness/paralysis in certain group of muscles, which recovers after sometime. The doctor may need to check your potassium levels during one of these episodes and also do a test called exercise EMG.


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