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Why do I feel discomfort while urinating after ejaculation?

Q: I am a 28 years old male experiencing discomfort while urinating after ejaculation. There is an urge to pee but I am unable to empty my bladder in one go. I have to spend about half an hour to an hour in the loo and the urine comes out in spurts - there is very mild pain before the urine comes out, some relief instantly after it is out but the urge to pee and the discomfort continues. This happens more often when I ejaculate as a result of masturbation and when I do so immediately after consuming water. The urge to pee and the discomfort subsides on its own after about an hour. I have had this discomfort for the last eight years or so. Other than this issue, I am otherwise healthy and have no known problems of the urinary tract. What do I do?

A:You are suffering from lower urinary tract symptoms since a long time. These are symptoms, or the outward appearance of some pathology going on inside. An acute or chronic infection, neurological involvement of the bladder, stone disease and some kinds of malignant conditions may cause similar symptoms outside. It is the responsibility of a qualified urologist to go into the details of the history, examine you, and send for some investigations to reach a reasonable conclusion, before treating it.


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