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Why do I feel discomfort while urinating?

Q: I am a 38 years old man facing discomfort while urinating for long. No abnormality has been found in my urine, blood and kidneys tests. My doctor asked me to drink a lot of water and to take Potrate syrup for a month but it gave no relief. When I re-visited my doctor after a month, he asked me to continue taking the same syrup for another 3 months. I have completed the 3 months course having used more than 8 bottles of Potrate syrup but I still feel discomfort while urinating but not much pain. My urine smells very odd now and the size of my testicles has also increased. Please suggest something.

A:Discomfort during urination is a vague complaint. Burning, pain, urgency as well as obstructive flow may all qualify as discomfort, and will have varied etiology and management. Smell in urine is a subjective complaint, and will have to be correlated with abnormal findings on urine examination. Your urine apparently has not shown any abnormality on pathological examination. Vague complaints and absence of any pathological findings has rightly prompted your treating physician to treat you with simple treatments like alkalisers. Variation in testis size of two sides is not uncommon, and may be a normal variation. You need to be examined to exclude a pathological enlargement. Such enlargement could be due to increased testicular size due to fluid accumulation (hydrocele), or increased bulk around the testis, as may occur with thickened veins (varicocele) or drop of abdominal contents in scrotum (hernia), apart from host of other conditions. You must visit a urologist for further evaluation of your complaints as well as examination and investigations.


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