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Why do I feel bladder and abdominal pain?

Q: I am a 71 years old female. My urine test shows the presence of 10 mg/dl of protein and 10 mg/dl of erythrocytes. The urine culture was negative. I have no pain while urinating but feel some pressure on my bladder and pain in my lower abdomen. I have an additional part of another kidney attached to my right kidney. This was discovered due to a continuous urine infection during my first pregnancy. What can be the cause of pain in bladder and lower abdomen?

A:While proteins of 10 mg/dl could be normal, presence of 10 RBCs per hpf in urine is certainly abnormal, and is called microscopic haematuria. With history of abnormal development of your kidneys detected during first pregnancy, it is time to investigate in detail to exclude pathology. You must see a urologist who would investigate you thoroughly to find the cause for microscopic haematuria. This may explain the reason for your abdominal discomfort too.


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