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Why do forget all that I have learnt just before the exam?

Q: I am 12 years old studying in the ninth grade. I perform well in class but during examinations I fail to do well and I feel really depressed when I get my results. As of now I have gone to the 9th grade but I don't want to get bad results. I don't know why this is happening? My teachers have been giving this complaint since I was in the 9th. I really feel bad when I am given this advice to study well. I really work hard and remember everything before the exams and after seeing the question paper I don't remember anything. I even want to gain weight, I look like a skeleton?

A:You seem to suffer from examination anxiety. You need to learn stress management techniques, such as deep breathing and time management. Do not study too much just before an exam. Start preparing for the exam ahead of time. Try to learn the lesson in short points after understanding. When sitting for an exam, take deep breaths before reading the question paper. Spend 2 minutes to read the paper well. Tell yourself that you can answer well. Stop repeating to yourself that you do not remember anything. Start writing any answer that appears to be easy. Take one step at a time. You will soon find that you are able to tackle all questions well. If you do not improve, consult a psychologist or medical doctor.


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