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Why did my children repeat the same thing inspite of my warning?

Q: I have 2 daughters aged 6 and 3.5 years. The elder one has completed UKG and younger one is going to a play school. Now that summer vacation has started, both of them will be home in the afternoon. At home, we have given them a room to play and keep their toys. Out of boredom they play all sorts of games and tricks. Recently they played a game of converting the room to a swimming pool and younger one slipped and fell down in the pool. Luckily, no serious injuries were there. I scolded them and gave both of them a single beating with a stick, when I returned from the office in the evening. I explained the consequences of such a dangerous game and they promised me never to repeat it. But the very next day when I returned from the office, they had repeated the same game. I didn't know how to react. I simply kept silent for some time and then I don't know why I got emotional and cried. How should I deal with my kids in such a scenario?

A:I trust that there is some adult in the home keeping an eye on the children. I think they are too young to be at home by themselves. Playing with water on a hot afternoon must be tempting! Their mischief is understandable. Obviously they did not take your beating very seriously and played the same game again. Being angry or denying a privilege may be more effective. They must understand what you say. Close off the valve that feeds water to the tap and let them have water only for toilet needs, etc. Make sure they have access to a caring adult who is within call.


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