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Why did I lose shape after leaving the gym?

Q: I am 22 year old and weigh 51 kgs. I used to be very slim. I joined a gym and gained 5 kg. But I left exercising due to exams. After leaving the gym, I lost weight but my waist size increased. Gradually it became worse and now I look like 'four sticks coming out of a balloon'. I don't even feel hungry. I joined the gym again but it made the matters even worse, as I started losing hair and got body ache. The doctor said that it is due to anxiety. I wasn't convinced with this statement and refused to take their medicine. I have noticed that I get rashes after eating wheat and banana. Please advise.

A:You need to get an allergy test done at the earliest. Your irregular exercise habits have pushed your body into a negative metabolism due to which you look like what you said. You need to maintain a regular diet pattern in terms of having a sumptuous healthy (low fat) breakfast, and other meals like lunch and dinner in a proper regimen. Go for a brisk walk atleast 4 days a week for 30 minutes and refer the DoctorNDTV website for abdominal exercises. You can get a check up done from a general practitioner in case you have any digestive problems. Include camomile tea in your daily diet (maybe before going to sleep at night) for a restful sleep. Meditate if you feel anxiety of any kind. All will be well, don't worry. Best of luck!


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