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Why can't my son write numbers and alphabets on his own?

Q: My son is 4.5 years old. He is currently in junior kindergarten and his teacher complains that he is the only child who doesn't write 1 to 50 and A to Z completely. At home we try to help him with homework. He is able to copy all the alphabets, but doesn't seem to remember the numbers. He is very moody as well. Currently he writes 1 to 20 and then we have to show him how to write 21 till 30. Then he has to be told 31 then he continues till 39 and so on till 50. Similarly, for A to Z, he knows only a few alphabets and rest have to be shown to him in writing. He has a sharp memory, but is very moody. Does my child have any problem? How to overcome this?

A:There is no problem about your child, to worry about. The problem is with schools and the school system, which are bankrupt in ideas on how to educate children. It is more important for children to have a concept of number than to write from 1 to 50. But the teachers do not know this, alas, and they make this kind of mechanical writing, part of the class routine and homework. Children need to look at pictures and story books, explore, try out sand, water and clay, beat the drums, play with balls, move to music and jump for fun. Instead we sit them down with tasks beyond their age levels. I know that you have no choice in the matter and that children are prisoners of the Nursery School.! The least you can do is to make it more playful and fun for him, when you supervise his homework. If possible, change his school, but you may not find a better one.That is the tragedy in this country.


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