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Why am I unable to pass urine after TURP?

Q: I underwent TURP 5 days ago. After the catheter was removed, I was unable to pass urine at all. What are the possible causes?

A:Well you should not worry. It is little too early of thinking of odd causes for your not being able to void on removal of the catheter. If I look back 5-10% of people will not pass urine when we remove catheter first time after TUR. It is usually some chips of resected tissue, blood clots or even reaction of surgery but about 90% are able to pass urine well after a rest with catheter for another 7 days or so. Some times some persons have a weakenssweakness of the bladder and that may lead to failure to pass. I am sure you are going to pass urine well when your doctor would remove the catheter this time.


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