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Why am I unable to father a child?

Q: I am 28, married and with sound health. My problem is that I am unable to father a child for the last 2 years. I feel that my penis is not normal. I masturbated a lot in my earlier days and due to this I feel that I am weak and unable to ejaculate semen forcefully now. There is a vein visible on the upper part of my penis and it is also bent now. I have got my semen checked - sperm count of 80 million with motility of 75%. My wife is also ok. Please clear my doubts about ejaculating and pregnancy along with penis health.

A:I read your query and find that you need further evaluaton as far as your infertility problem is concerned which includes physical examination, semen analysis (detailed report). The further investigations will have to be based on these two factors. Your wife needs to be examined by a gynecologist if that has not been done yet. The other things you mention about yourself are quite normal for any man and you need not be concerned about them.


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