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Why am I suffering from frequent urination?

Q: I am a 56 years old male suffering from frequent urination at night. Very little quantity of urine is formed and passed and after passing urine I do not feel that the bladder is empty. I also consulted a surgeon, who after examining the prostate, told that there is no prostatic enlargement.

A:It seems that you have lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS) in the form of nocturia and sense of incomplete voiding. Although your prostate is not enlarged on DRE (Digital Rectal Examination), your problems may be due to Primary Bladder Neck Obstruction or other obstruction in the lower urinary tract. You need to see an urologist who will do urinalysis, PSA test, uroflowmetry and residual urine measurement etc. A trial with alpha blocker medications like Tamsulosin may be given. If there is no improvement in the symptoms with medications or if there is blood in urine, then special tests like cystoscopy may be required to rule out other causes of obstructions.


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