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Why am I suffering from facial pain?

Q: I am a 33 years old male experiencing facial pain for the last five years. I experience pain occasionally for 2-3 months. I also experience nasal block during the pain, headache after waking up in the morning and pain around the eyes. I underwent MRI scan (spiral and axial) but the reports were normal. For the last four years, I am taking Stamlo (5 mg) and have started taking Thyronorm 250 for the last two years. I consulted many doctors and completed the course with proper attention, but it hasn’t helped me a bit. I do not have any bad habits like smoking or taking alcohol but I am addicted to tea (nearly 3-4 cup a day). I also suffer from constipation and gastritis but they are not troubling. Due to facial pain I feel drowsiness and tiredness. How can my facial pain be managed?

A:Your symptoms could be due to allergi rhinitis. The sinusitis may be mild as to be not picked up on the MRI. Further with your job, the pain around the eyes may be due to eye strain. You need to get an eye check up done. Further, what advice the ENT has given needs to be seen. a trial of an antihistaminic and a steroid nasla spray may help. Otherwise a trial of an anti-neuralgic pain drug may be given. It would be better to see the CT PNS films, and do a nasal endoscopy before deciding further management.


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