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Why am I passing blood with urine?

Q: I am a 56 years old diabetic. I have a 14 mm stone in the left kidney and 7 mm stone in the right ureter. Doctors want to do basketing. They tried, but couldn't remove the stone, as the ureter is very narrow. They have put a stent and told me to come after 4 to 5 weeks. Blood came in urine for 10 days then stopped. It has been a month after the procedure but from the past 2 days I am passing blood in the urine. I am on insulin 24 units before breakfast; 14 units before dinner; dibizide 1-0-1; metlong 1000 mg 1-0-1; simvas 10mg 0-0-1; ecosporin 0-1-0. Why is blood coming in the urine? Urine test albumin = trace; sugar 0.5%; microscopy = pus cells 2-5/hpf; RBCs = plenty. FBS/PPBS = 100/200 mg%; blood urea = 32 mg%; S. creatinine = 1.1 mg%.

A:It can happen that the surgeon is not able to reach the stone at times and then a stent helps. Go for the second trial. Your surgeon should be a urologist. Blood may come due to stent or due to the stone. Get rid of the stones one by one. If in second operation the ureteric stones come easily, you can get PCNL done at the same time. If lithotripsy is chosen for the second stone, your surgeon can put a stent on this side for ESWL later. At your age, there are other causes of blood. Tell your surgeon to do a thorough cystoscopy. If your IVP has not been done, get it done. Once the stones are out, get a urine cytology done after 3 week. It is better to get it done on 3 consecutive days.


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