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Why am I not losing weight inspite of trying everything?

Q: My question covers the larger context of obesity. Well, there are certain kinds which can be curbed and other when one has from childhood. I have been obese since I remember, though athletic in the beginning but later the gloom set in. Then came skin disorders, psoriasis on knees, not very abnormal but still an embarrassment. What I would like to know: is everything related in medical terms, does being corpulent put hold on to everything? I have tried exercising, food control and the rest (not those drugs they show on TV) but no help. I need real advise how to go about it.

A:I empathize with you because we all have our low moments and it is useful to look for help when we can, with out any guilt. You have actually taken the first step in the right direction by actually KNOWING that you are down and admitting that you need a push (whether internally or externally) That insight itself is half the battle won. Congratulations. It takes a lot to do that. Look for a good nutritionist to help you with your intake and a certified trainer to make out a sensible exercise schedule for you. Tell me where you live and maybe we can help you. Next on a deeper level, you need to accept a few things. As we grow, the body does slow down and may not do what it used to when energy levels and initiatives were high. Secondly, you have to figure out whether that is the way you still want to be. Having done that, try to find out what is stopping you. Are there other priorities that are taking precedence? Have you yourself given up the will to motivate yourself? Are you looking for rewards in the form of appreciation from others? Are you going through a self-fulfilling prophecy where you say to yourself I cant, so I wont and then, look, I cant? This introspection will help you find some answers. I detect that being the same energetic person you were when you were younger, is not the only thing that is bringing you down. Seek help professionally if you have to, to help you find the answers. Human beings have amazing abilities to achieve, and will do so when there is an inner desire, a fire that burns brightly to drive you. Then even the sky is possible. But it can not be done on its own - it needs the involvement of the mind and heart into ALL the endeavours. So I think more than pondering about what was, take positive action towards what can be. The first step, no doubt can be the hardest but once taken, you begin to feel the exhilaration and thus begins the motivational force to keep you going on. Do not look for big results immediately but start by achieving smaller goals. The satisfaction will spur you into bigger ones and then one day you are almost there within sight of your ultimate goal. And then the effort would have been worth every ounce. And you will not be surprised at the kind of magic we all possess! Somewhere down the line, however, you might face questions that will fox you, priorities that might steer off-course...be prepared for change and look at change as a challenge rather than a barrier. Overcoming a challenge can be a most fulfilling rewarding experience. So heres to the beginning of your journey, you can do it! And we are there to help you!


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