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Why am I not able to urinate properly?

Q: I am a 52 years old man who cannot control the urgency to urinate. When I feel the need to urinate, I have to immediately rush to the bathroom but the urine flow is not proper. I have done an ultrasound for prostate but there was no problem. Sometimes passing urine takes 1-2 minutes and only drops come out. The doctor prescribed Tropan for a month and Urimax 0.4 mg. Will these medicines help my problem without any side effects? Since I am taking the medicine for the last week I am feeling heaviness in the stomach. I do not feel hungry even up to 10 hours. Please advise.

A:You seem to be having obstructive urinary symptoms, which may be caused by any pathology at the bladder outlet, prostate being a common cause but just one of many such causes. Urimax (tamsulosin) acts at bladder neck relaxing it. The other drug Tropan is anticholinergic drug relaxing the bladder muscles, but also relaxes intestinal muscles thus may cause constipation and abdominal heaviness. Treatment of your obstructing urinary problem will depend upon precise diagnosis and its treatment, medical or surgical. Further tests like Uroflow and appropriate imaging may be necessary for proper diagnosis.


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