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Why am I not able to study well?

Q: I am a 17 years old studying in inter second year. I am an above average student. I used to be a first class student; but now I am not doing well. When I try to study sometimes unknowingly I get diverted to other things even if I have a strong desire to study. When my parents scold me about studies, I study sincerely for two days but after that I don't. I do not have any family or external problems. Please advise.

A:You are in the midst of adolescence, a period which involves rapid physical and socio-emotional changes. During this phase of life, one needs to develop a sense of identity and a sense of responsibility. The world beyond school seems very exciting. Parents withdraw active support in studies, and you have to become independent. Usually a teenager finds it hard to cope with the changes and avoid the many distractions. At the same time, studies become harder. Therefore, many students at this age find it difficult to manage their time, avoid distractions and concentrate on their studies. Once you have understood the challenges at this stage of life, you need to take charge and organize your life yourself. Have confidence in yourself. Remember that some students in your class are continuing to do well and so can you with a little effort. Time management is crucial and you need to chalk out a realistic time schedule for yourself. Set small goals and targets of study, set a place of study, which is distraction-free, and try to stick to the timetable you have drawn out. Rather than waiting for your parents to scold you, pursue your own set goals and prove to them and yourself that you have grown up.


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