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Why am I having weight loss?

Q: I am a 22 years old male. I have been losing weight for the last eight months. Earlier I used to weigh 70 kg and now I am only 59 kg. I consulted a doctor who asked me to undergo tests - chest X-ray, blood PCR for TB, C reactive protein, complete blood count (CBC), thyroid profile, motion test and urine test. All came out normal. My fasting blood glucose is 80 mg/dl. Blood urea is 34 mg/dl, creatinine 0.9 mg/dl, chloride 104 mEq/l, Sodium 147 mEq/l and potassium 4.1 mEq/l. The ultra sonography of abdomen revealed right-sided hydroureteronephrosis and a slight increase in cortical echoes in the right kidney. My doctor advised me to get a CT scan of KUB done. I underwent CT KUB, which showed mild right hydronephroureterosis up to the junction of proximal / mid ureter at level of superior endplate of L4 vertebral body - probably secondary to extrinsic vascular compression, abdominal aorta, IVC, portal vein and the superior mesenteric vessels appear normal. What other tests do I need to undergo for persistent weight loss? My hip size is reducing day by day. How can hydronephrosis be treated? As the CT scan did not reveal any cyst or tumour, the doctor told me that I don’t require any treatment.

A:You would need to undergo further invasive testing to diagnose the cause of right-sided hydroureteronephrosis - dilation or the swelling of the urinary tract from a probable blockage. In 90% cases, CT scan should be able to diagnose the cause of hydronephrosis. Further tests would include intravenous pyelogram (IVP) involving injection of dye to study the site and the cause of the blockage. You would be well served by a consultation with the urologist to ascertain the exact cause. Further, weight loss may rarely be a symptom of an underlying disease condition accounting for the blockage of the urinary tract.


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