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Why am I getting persistent shoulder pain?

Q: I have developed pain in the right shoulder from the past 15 days. I consulted an orthopaedic surgeon, initially he told me that I may have trapezitis and asked me to take Nimnlind MR medicine for a 5 days. But the problem was not solved. I felt a tingling sensation with pain that starts in my right shoulder at the back and in the neck. I was advised by him to go for physiotherapy for cervical traction and ultra sonic waves massage for ten days. He prescribed Etoxib 90 tablets 1 each in morning for ten days and Myoril Tablets 2 per day in morning and night for five days along with that. After the first dose of myoril I got acidity and gas trouble, so he told me stop it and to continue only with Etoxib 90. Physiotherapist suggested some exercises. After that I felt no pain and I was fine. But after a week the pain started again. The doctor suggested to go for cervical x-rays to check for spopndylosis, but the reports are normal. What is wrong with my right shoulder? I am a working woman doing legal counselling. What precautions should I follow?

A:From your symptoms you seem to be having what is medically called as radiculopathy. In layman terms this just means pain along the course of a nerve due to some irritation of the nerve. Looking at your age and your occupation in all probability it must be a very mild cervical disc prolapse. In majority of cases this will settle and all you need to do is to take pain killers (only if pain is severe) combined with some muscle relaxant. X-rays are usually normal in these cases and diagnosis made on an MRI and careful clinical examination. Therefore, do not worry give a little more time and see how your problem resolves. You could continue with the same medicines that you are taking. In case, your pain does not resolve get back to your orthopaedic surgeon for further investigation.


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