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Why am I getting pain in my spermatic cord?

Q: I am a 23 years old male. From the past ten days I am feeling pain in my vas deferens, which sometime radiates to my scrotum. Please help.

A:You have pain along the spermatic cord radiating to scrotum, referred by you as pain in vas deferens, one of many cord contents. Common causes of such pain are hernia, varicocele inflammatory conditions and testicular torsion. Bother with hernia, varicocele and inflammatory conditions is most likely to occur after some exercise and likely to ease off with rest or scrotal support. Chronic prostatitis or CPPS (chronic pelvic pain syndrome) is another cause of dull scrotal pain with or without urethral discharge. Since the treatment is dependent on the pathology initiating it, you need to see a urologist for proper examination and advise.


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