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Why am I gaining weight?

Q: I used to be very healthy with a good figure and used to walk a lot but for past 1 year I have joined a call centre and work nightshifts. My work is very sedentary. I hardy walk. I initially lost weight and all of a sudden I have started gaining weight but only in the bottom part but I have lost weight from my shoulders, back and under the neck. My breasts look very ugly due to this. No matter how much I eat, I just put on weight only on my bottom part meaning my legs and buttocks. Why is this so? I have had TB before.

A:There are many reasons why people put on weight; genetics, sedentary lifestyles and irregular eating habits. I also see you have had history of TB, the treatment of which may also be a precipitating factor. Add to all of that, your circadian cycle changes due to working in a call centre may also have put you in the predicament you find yourself in. You would need to be assessed by a good Medical Practitioner to gauge the reasons why your health is in disarray and also to monitor you regularly. Once you have got that in control, do start a walk regimen, which is easy at first then build it up over time. Needless to say, you MUST eat good nutritious food rather than starve in the hope of losing weight. That will only worsen the situation.


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