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Why am I experiencing this pain?

Q: I am a 47 year old weighing 70 kg. Whenever I am travelling or sitting for too long my body slightly twists and I feel severe pain. I cannot tolerate the pain and it suppresses within 10-15 minutes completely. My mother is also a patient of the same. How can it be managed?

A:The severe shooting pain that you was experiencing in the lower back on twisting motion apparently can be coming from a disc problem of the spine. Intervertebral discs of the spine of shock absorbers in patients who have disc pathology usually complain of sharp shooting pinpointed pain on quick turning twisting and rotating movements of the spine. The only way to definitively diagnose this is by doing an MRI of the spine and looking for any disc lesion. I think the next best approach for you if this concerning and not getting better over the last few years is to do MRI of the spine or check with a spine specialist.


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