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Why am I ejaculating blood?

Q: I am a 44 years old male. I am getting blood in the last stage of ejaculation. My doctor has asked me to get a urine test. There is no infection. I also got a PSA done. The results were within the normal range. It was 0.954 ng/ml. The blood still comes on masturbating after 10 days. I am staying alone. Please help me.

A:Presence of blood in semen is called haemospermia. Haemospermia is mostly benign and may result from the diseases of the prostate and seminal vesicles. In youngsters, the causes are mostly inflammatory like prostatitis and seminal vesiculitis, and a semen examination and culture may be suggestive of such pathology. Chronic inflammatory conditions like tuberculosis may also be considered and investigated for. Transrectal Ultrasound is necessary to have a closer look at prostatic and seminal vesicle anatomy. In elderly men, PSA is usually done to exclude prostatic carcinoma. On many occasions the cause may not be discernible and the disease may have to be labelled idiopathic. Apart from the treatment directed at the cause, reassurance and anxiolytics are prescribed for the condition.


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