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Whom to consult for pain in testicle?

Q: I am a 28 year old male, married for 1 year. For the last 6 months, I am having pain in left testicle extending upwards some times upto abdomen (below ribs) and lower back. I had similar pain in 1993, and was diagonised as having ureteric calculi and had X-ray, U/S scan and IVU but after a while it passed off on its own. Around 4 months back, I had very high fever (upto 104 deg F) for two days with similar pain, and after that have been having pain intermittently. A doctor has prescribed me Doxy-1 tablets, and I have used it for 14 days. He said that he is giving it only as temporary treatment and would like further tests. But the doctor has moved out of town and I didnt follow up since the problem subsided. After that I got ultrasound scan on advice of another doctor to check if there are any stones in kidney. The result was negative. Further I moved out of town to a different place. I am now facing moderate to heavy pain in the same region. Please suggest whom to consult.

A:I think you need to be investigated, since you have had a stone once and your signs in the recent past does suggest an obstruction due to maybe a stone. Do see a urologist in your new place and he will do the needful. It may be worth getting an IVP and urine culture done to rule out any cause of infection and pain. Pain referred to the testicle does indicate a referred pain from the kidney. Do not panic but get it sorted out as early as possible.


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