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Whom should I consult for pancytopaenia?

Q: My 62 years old husband has been on kidney dialysis for the last four and a half years. Kidney transplant is not recommended because he has had prostrate cancer and is still treated with Lupron injections. Last year, he was diagnosed with Benswangers Disease (a dementia), and the nephrologist told us that his latest blood test revealed pancytopaenia. Could this be due to his diminished appetite and poor eating? He is extremely exhausted. Whom should I consult for pancytopaenia?

A:Review of the information reflects possibly new onset pancytopaenia which involves fall in the count of various blood cell types including white and red blood cells and platelets. This can result in increased fatigue, malaise, exhaustive feeling besides making one prone to infection. This condition can result from some of the medications none of which he seems to be exposed to. I would recommend an evaluation by a Haematologist/Oncologist who may perform a bone marrow study to find the cause if pancytopaenia persists.


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