White hair

Q: I am 25 yearsold and my problem is that I have a lot of white hair. I have had this problem for a long time but since it is hereditary (my parents had white hair when they were my age)the doctors say that not much can be done.I put henna in my hair so that the grey hair would show less. Now someone suggested that I use hair colour.There are so many hair colour in the market that I am confused,also I am unawares as to whether these have any side effects.My specific questions are- a)whether it is safe to use these colours? b)If it is safe, then which one should I use? c)I did some research and found out that Revlon Hair colour is without ammonia.Does it make it better than the rest of the products in the market? d)Can I use these for as long as I want?

A:I would tend to agree with you that white hair aquired hereditarically have very little that one can do for - all the same a hair dye or colour is agood alternative, the thing that you have to be careful about a dye is thatit should not contain - paraphenylene diamine as is seen with metallic dyesor herbal mehndi- rgarding hair colur they are safe as long as they do not react with you.


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